ISV solutions

Our knowledge in architecture and functionality of Dynamics 365 makes us a partner for helping you in the development of verticals.


We are able to deliver Dynamics 365 customizations with high quality code including unit tests in a short time with a short notice.


Courses in Development I, II, III, IV, SSRS reports and AIF/Services for Dynamics 365. We can also customize a course for you.


We help you migrating data or code to the latest Dynamics 365. We merge your code according to best practices.

Integration with external systems

As part of any ERP/CRM implementation, integration with external systems is a key part. Therefore, selecting the best approach is important.

We help you during this process using Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration tools such as web services, document services, business operation framework, data migration framework and more...

Know Dynaxti and surprise yourself

About us

We are a team passionate about Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, why, because we enjoy working with the latest software technology.

Working with Microsoft products ensure us that we will always be on top of state of the art software.

Among our team members, we count with the most experienced Microsoft Dynamics Ax and CRM developers not only in the LATAM region but also in North America, Europe and Asia.

Currently we do remote development for North and South America, Europe and Asia. We have a global presence.

Please feel free to send us an email if you need our services or if you have questions; we also like to share Ax/CRM knowledge as well as to hear great stories about working with this product.

We are really passionate about Dynamics 365, their architecture and functionality makes them the solutions for your company.

The beauty of their architecture makes them easy to adapt the software according to your business process without compromising the functionality, so they are designed for change.

They integrate with all the Microsoft platform, such as Windows Server, Office, Sharepoint, SQL, cubes, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Communication Foundation and more.

Dynamics Ax is a multi-language, multi-company and multi-currency software, on a single installation you can have many languages, currencies and companies configured.

The code, in X++ language, is an object oriented language that can be customized according to customer needs. All the code follows Microsoft development best practices so it is code that can be easily maintained. We help you in this process either doing the job or training you doing so.

Our experience in the customization and the functionality of Dynamics Ax and Dynamics CRM makes us a partner that can help you in the implementation process customizing or designing a new solution from scratch.

We are certified in the development as well as the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Ax and CRM, therefore we not only change the products according to your needs but also we recomend you the right approach for changing them.

Discover our lean process of customizing Dynamics 365. Our principles are passion, design and knowledge. We are backed by 20 years of experience.

Our Clients

  • Fullscope is one of the most experienced partners that implements Dynamics 365 in North America.

    Fabricio Noriega, Dynaxti Software Architect
  • Thinkmax has the most talented team of experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 I have ever worked with.

    Rodrigo Fraga, Thinkmax Senior Consultant

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